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Has This ever happened to you?

A piece of equipment breaks down on a job and you spend a day moving another piece of equipment over a long distance only to find out later that there was a similar piece of equipment just a few miles away. The truth is that everyday countless hours and dollars are needlessly spent because too often companies don’t know where all of their equipment is located all the time. Or if it is being utilized where is it currently located.

Equipment theft continues to plague construction companies. The estimated total annual value of equipment theft varies widely from $300 million to over $1 billion, not including the cost of business interruption. Additionally, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) has reported that construction equipment theft is on the rise.  According to the CHP, the construction equipment stolen most often includes:

• Generators and compressors

• Loaders

• Skid steer loaders

• Backhoes

Using XacTrac on all of you construction equipment helps to solve both of these major problems. Through XacTrac’s mapping and other reporting features, you’ll know where all of your equipment is located and what it’s been doing and you can take comfort in knowing your equipment is safe and secure.

Click on XacTrac Reports or take the XacTrac Tour to see how these reports work with your construction equipment.

Accessed from any computer (via the Internet), XacTrac Reports are easy-to-use and offer a complete view into your equipment’s location and condition at all times, day or night.

Select one of the links below to learn more about the reports available to you:

Runtime Report
Yard Report
Lockdown Report
Route Report
Mileage Report
Idle Time Report
Speed Notice Report
Take a brief tour to see how the XacTrac reports work to ensure you have "control" of the equipment, "without loss":

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