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What types of equipment can be tracked?
XacTrac® will work on almost any equipment that has a charging system that can range between 12 to 24 volts.

Can the XacTrac system be installed on used equipment?
Yes, the XacTrac system can be installed on old or new equipment.

Who can install the XacTrac device, are installation services available?
The XacTrac device can be installed by most trained mechanics who are familiar with the electrical system of the equipment. XacTrac does have factory trained installers available to install XacTrac at an additional cost. If you are not sure about how to install XacTrac on the equipment please call XacTrac to get the accurate installation instructions.

What if an owner sells their equipment? Can the service be transferred to other equipment?
The XacTrac service is fully transferable provided that the equipment related information is updated on the user’s page on the XacTrac website.  This is done by the owner going to the asset section of the website and using the edit function to input the new information.

What support does XacTrac offer to its subscribers?
Customers can direct any questions or issues to XacTrac either through the website or by calling XacTrac Customer Support at (888) 526-9228.

Can the XacTrac device cause battery drain issues with the equipment?
As with any electrical device, the XacTrac unit will draw power from the electrical system of the equipment. However, the XacTrac unit is designed to switch to a power conservation mode when the equipment is turned off and has not been moved for an extended period of time (three hours). Therefore the power drain is minimal (six milliamps) and should not materially affect the battery for weeks depending on the battery’s amp hour rating. XacTrac recommends that all equipment that have a XacTrac unit installed also have some type of battery maintenance device installed for sustained periods of infrequent use.

What network does the system use to communicate? Could there be an outage?
XacTrac uses the Cingular GSM wireless network. Cingular has roaming agreements with all the major carriers so that the XacTrac device will work across almost all networks in the US, Mexico and Canada. As with any wireless carrier the possibility of outages does exist, however one of the reasons that XacTrac chose to partner with Cingular is because Cingular has the most reliable wireless network available.

Dave - Mike Bubalo Construction

It used to be that when I watched equipment leave our yard I would worry about it not coming back. With XacTrac I dont have those concerns anymore, I know I can find it and monitor its use. Now I can focus on other things that are more productive.

Eric Jones Brothers Construction

The Runtime Report saved us from a potential major cost. When a city inspector accused us of crushing an underground electrical vault with our equipment over the weekend we were able to show him our Runtime Reports and document that our equipment had not run over the weekend in question, so our equipment could not have been involved in the damage and the inspector agreed.

Jim Faith Underground

I was motivated to look for a good GPS system after we lost a new Kubota from our yard. With XacTrac I know where all my equipment is at any point in time. The ability to have our system notify us when maintenance is due and produce Runtime Reports is great, and the added insurance savings is icing on the cake.

Alex Allstate Trucking

I cant believe how well our XacTrac system is working. Its easy-to-use, simple to install and I can check my equipment from any Internet terminal, at home at the office or wherever. We have already recovered a stolen Freightliner within hours of its being stolen. This saves a lot of time and possible damage to the trailer.