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XacTrac provides a fully-integrated monitoring and tracking system that collects and transmits information about equipment operating status, location, and engine hours, all of which can easily be accessed via the Internet from any computer. XacTrac allows you to effectively manage your equipment and also provides a security system that alerts you to unauthorized use. This enables you to track your equipment for theft recovery.

XacTrac will help your company:

• Decrease operating costs by allowing you to:
- Improve equipment utilization rates
- Increase accuracy in hours reporting
- Eliminate/monitor personal usage of company assets

• Reduce theft and loss

• Save on insurance costs

• Improve billing, service and route planning

• Improve customer service

The ability to effectively manage your equipment can be no better that the information available to you. Knowing where your equipment is and what it’s doing 24 hours a day isn’t just a matter of security, it’s a matter of achieving higher efficiencies that will positively impact your bottom line

Select the Construction, Delivery, or Trucking link to learn more about how XacTrac will specifically save your company through “control without loss.”

Accessed from any computer (via the Internet), XacTrac Reports are easy-to-use and offer a complete view into your equipment’s location and condition at all times, day or night.

Select one of the links below to learn more about the reports available to you:

Runtime Report
Yard Report
Lockdown Report
Route Report
Mileage Report
Idle Time Report
Speed Notice Report
Take a brief tour to see how the XacTrac reports work to ensure you have "control" of the equipment, "without loss":

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