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Excessive Speed Notice Report

The Excessive Speed Notice Report or speeding report shows when and where speeding violations have occurred, these reports can be run by the by the day, week or month and can be run for all assets or a selected group. The limits at which the speeding violations are reported can be changed by the equipment owner/manager on the website.

xactra's runtime report
Take a brief tour to see how the XacTrac reports work to ensure you have "control" of the equipment, "without loss":

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Know I can find it and monitor it's use. Now I can focus on other things that are more productive.

Dave - Mike Bubalo Construction

“It used to be that when I watched equipment leave our yard I would worry about it not coming back. With XacTrac I don’t have those concerns anymore, I know I can find it and monitor its use. Now I can focus on other things that are more productive.”

Eric – Jones Brothers Construction

“The Runtime Report saved us from a potential major cost. When a city inspector accused us of crushing an underground electrical vault with our equipment over the weekend we were able to show him our Runtime Reports and document that our equipment had not run over the weekend in question, so our equipment could not have been involved in the damage and the inspector agreed.”

Ryan – EZE Trucking

“We tried for a long time to get a GPS system that worked with our trailers, but it was not until we found XacTrac that we were able to solve our problem. Now we can more effectively schedule our trailers and eliminate impound costs on lost trailers.”